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About Lorlin Electronics

Welcome to the Lorlin Electronics website

Lorlin began in 1961 and have always been based on the south coast of England.

We manufacture switches from simple on/off types to multi-circuit versions; many are unique designs which are only available from us.

We enjoy the challenge of a new product design and welcome the chance to meet with our customers and show them our production, research and test facilities.

If you can not see what you are looking for on the website, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

We always aim to manufacture our products to the highest standards and we consider many of them to be market leaders. Find out more about our quality system and our international product approvals in our quality and approvals sections.

There are also certificates and declarations relating to international social responsibility and care for our environment on the site and if you need something more specific, please let us know.

Our Products

Rotary Switches

CK Series

A high quality multi-pole switch suitable for low power applications. Up to 4 poles 12 ways Rating: 1A @ 24V ac/dc resistive load. Variable spindle lengths and flats. Solder tag and pcb terminals 27.5mm diameter. Make before break and break before make types. Available with gold terminals for signal switching below 0.4VA

CKF Series

A sealed CK (IP65). Made in UL-V0 material. The sealing also gives the switch a smooth high quality feel.

CKS Series

Our highest level of water ingress protection. Front panel and spindle sealed to IP67.

BCK Series

16 position binary coded switch, available in Hexadecimal and Complimentary code. Sealed version (BCKS)

GCK Series

A grey coded switch for process control applications. Sealed version (GCKS)

RA Series

A precision multi-pole wafer switch for high quality instrumentation with dual wiping contacts for low  resistance switching. Wafers can be stacked to provide numerous switching configurations.

PT Series

A pcb mounted wafer switch, ideal for low level switching applications. This switch can be supplied in multi-pole / multi-wafer switching configurations. Terminals on 2.54mm pitch     Life: >10,000

RMS Series

A double pole rotary mains switch providing mains isolation (>3mm gap) in the off position. The switch is rated at 4A 250Vac. VDE ENEC approved.

MT Series

A sub miniature rotary switch capable of switching 500mA @ 24V ac/dc. Available in 2-8 way with an option for short or long screwdriver slotted spindle, gold plated contacts for low power switching.

Switch Modules

Rotary and push actuated mains switch modules  VDE ENEC approved.

16mm Key Lock Switches

A complete family of panel mounted key lock switches for a 16mm panel mounting hole. Same key and 200 differ key options with modules to suit the majority of electrical requirements up to 4A mains voltage. Sealed IP67 option. Spring returned and static indexing.

SRL Series

Single or double pole snap fit key operated switches. Use the HRL for vibration resistance, rated at 1A 24V ac/dc

SRLM Series

Two position key lock switches with snap fit 4A 250Vac normally open or normally closed mains isolating contacts. Compatible with the SRL key lock range with a 16mm mounting hole size. VDE ENEC approved. Compact type SRLMC.

SRL60, SRL90 Series

A multi pole lock switch suitable for low power applications. Two part construction with the lock inserted from the front of the panel, and a snap on module assembled from the rear. Solder or pcb terminals.

WRL Series

A modified SRL with our highest level of water ingress protection.IP67. Single or double pole.

WRLM , WRL60 , WRL90 & WRLMC Series

Sealed versions of the above switches.

IRL Series

Spring return double pole modified SRL switch. WIRL (IP67)

12mm Key Lock Switches

SKL Series

Miniature switch, rated at 0.5A 24V ac/dc, Life: >10,000 Cycles, Radial key

LS120 & LS121 Series

Single and double pole, 7 pin tumblers , keys withdrawn in on and off positions.

19mm Key Lock Switches

A wide range of multi pole multi output key lock switches for a 19mm panel mounting hole, includes front mount, rear mount, high security, and spring return types up to 4A mains voltage.

CKL Series

Key lock switches with snap to fit or bracketed CK switch modules. Up to 2000 differs.

MSL Series

Key lock switch with snap to fit or bracketed double pole main switch modules rated at 4A/250 Vac, VDE ENEC approved. Spring return type MIS.

RAL Series

Adaptable key lock switch utilising the precision RA wafer switching. Same key or up to 200 differs.

LS300 Series

Radial cylinder with 7 pin tumblers.  50,000 key differs.

DSL & DSL Spring Return Series

A high security key lock switch with over 15,000 dimpled key combinations. Snap to fit mains module rated at 4A/250Vac, VDE ENEC approved.


Our Factory

2000 sq. meters

Injection moulding

Metal pressing and turning – CNC


Mechanical, Electrical and Water testing

Moulding Process

24 hour operation

Open and closed loop systems

Engineering grade plastics

Fully/Semi Automated Processes

We have a broad range of production processes many fully or semi-automated.

Design & Modification

Modern 3D CAD modelling software (and years of experience) allow us to offer specialist production and tool design services

Research & Development

Innovative designs and new production processes are thoroughly tested often with the assistance of specialist agencies. We don’t publish all of the work we do, if you want a special feature, let us know, we may already have the background information


Please Note: Access to Lorlin Electronics is only via Fort Road.
Please contact us if you have any issues finding us, Sat Nav- use Post Code BN17 7AU.


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Quality, Design & Development

Our products and their key attributes have been extensively used and tested in the market for several decades.

All of our products are 100% inspected and tested.

As a manufacturer we will design something new or modify an existing component to make our product better in your application. Most of the components we use are made on our machines with our tools.

Quality System ISO 9001

Environment & Employee Safety

Individually and collectively, we are all responsible for preserving resources for future generations. We minimise our waste and recycle as many materials as possible. We are happy to provide any details of our environmental procedures.

Our Employees

We believe that there is no room for complacency with respect to staff health and safety.

When you visit our production factory, we will be more than happy to show you our risk assessment protocol and demonstrate our everyday working practices.

Social Responsibility

We support the International Conventions on Human Rights in Employment with respect to matters such as : child labour, forced labour, health and safety, association and bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and remuneration.


Lorlin Electronics endorse the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact which sets standards for human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption behaviour and supports progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.